Ornamental Release- A How To

Ornamental Release, a creative grief anger release holiday activity


Read the history of this creative grief activity as shared on Babble here.

Each holiday season we invite you to join this Scared Sidless creative grief exercise to release some holiday grief while honoring your child and journey. The Ornamental Release is an activity where participants smash ornaments and create a new ornament from the broken pieces.

The purpose of the event is to actively take ownership of your grief; the anger, the rage, the agony, embrace the beauty within the broken, and create anew.

Participants can email photos and testimonials to scaredsidless@yahoo.comĀ or share about your experience on social media using the hashtags

#ornamentalrelease #ornamentsmash #smashinggrief #creativegrief

Wondering how to get started???

1. Gather your materials. You will need the following items for this creative grief project:

  • At least 1 clear bulb
  • At least 3 medium/large sized, colored glass bulbs
  • A 12″ strand of ribbon
  • A hammer or solid boots
  • A safe and secure location with a smooth floor
  • A disposable towel
  • A funnel

2. Smash the colored bulbs. I have done this a few ways over the years, but much like your grief journey, you will find your own way. You can cover the bulb with a disposable towel and smash it with a hammer or smash the ornaments by stepping on them. Do what feels comfortable to you, but break the colored bulbs.

3. Make sure that the shattered pieces have been smashed into small enough pieces, sweep them into a pile, and funnel them inside the clear bulb. You can use a plastic funnel or a piece of paper to get the broken pieces inside the new shell.

4. Smash more colored bulbs if needed and fill the bulb to your desired level.

5. Time for the bow! Tie a bow onto the top of your ornament bulb and hang or display


Smash the grief. Celebrate the love.



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